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The Classified Features

The Yoodle keeps the most up-to-date version compatible with WordPress v2.7.1! Compare what you find elsewhere with our list of the most desired features anywhere on the web. If you want an easy-to-use, WordPress integrated system for attractive, engaging classified advertising to get you up and selling quickly, The Yoodle is for you! And, you don’t have to be a big dog business to get the impact you desire. The Yoodle scales easily to your needs, then grows with you!

Who is the best judge of when to take it to the next step? You are!!! With a little help from The Yoodle to get you started, the next moves are up to you.

Primary Points To Consider

Features Upload your images INSTANTLY!  Multiple images can be uploaded by your customers with the Ad Submission Form.  No more waiting for customers to email their images. 
Features Manage the Images.  You can see and instantly approve or reject (if needed) any image uploaded by your customer.
Features Fully Integrated with PAY PAL!  When someone wants to post an ad with your site, you can easily set up the charges and begin making money immediately! You can also choose to allow people to post listings for FREE!!
Features Integrated “Contact Seller” Form on each page.  When a buyer sees what they want, it is easy to close the deal.  Everybody wins!
Features Enable Ads to “Auto Expire”.  No need to go through pages and pages of ads to cull out the old material.  “Auto Expire” removes old ads on the schedule you set.  This keeps your site clean and up-to-date daily!
Features Bad Listings are easily REPORTED.  Keep your site “family friendly” and get any spam removed right away.  When something like this happens (and it does to everyone at some time!) you get an email and can eliminate the problem immediately!
Features Deeper listings sell more!  You get subcategory support for buyers looking to dig deeper for exactly what they want, or for more of what they want.
Features Foreign Currency Capable.  Based on your country of origin, you can accept a variety of currencies for buyers around you, or around the world.
Features New Ad Notification.  You will receive an email whenever a new ad has been added to your site.  And, naturally, you’ll know when payment has been received – it’s all here in one neat package!
Features Codeless Widgets!  Now you can add or delete widgets from your sidebar without having to know any complicated code.
Features No Need for Plugins!  While you may want some plugins to get the most out of your site, all of the basics are covered without having to get any plugins.  By the way – any plugins you could use with are included free!
Features RSS Feed.  If your customers want to subscribe using an RSS Feed, they can easily do this with any feed reader. 
Features Locations.  Just like Craigslist, manage or add your locations via the easy to use admin tool!!! Once a user selects a city it remembers the selection making the site even EASIER to use!!
Features Advertising Support.  Want the option of carrying advertising on your site?  No problem!  Grab the additional advertising plugin (…yup, it’s free!) and begin monetizing your site right away!
Features Change The Look.  Don't like the template that comes with your Yoodle? No problem ,if you can edit a wordpress theme you can edit this. Alternatively you can also check out our themes section to change the look and feel of your site!

….and Don’t Forget ….

Features Rule #1 - Easy to use!  The Yoodle has done all of the hard stuff – configuring it all to work seamlessly.
Features Rule #2 -  See Rule #1!  Whether you are just getting started or setting up the different options you want to include, The Yoodle has done the hard part – you just get want you want, where you want it!
Features Rule #3 – There is nothing “loosey goosey” with The Yoodle!  All integration is tightly aligned to work with WordPress.  Or, you may use it as a stand alone set up!
Features Rule #4 – When it’s free, it costs you nothing!  Huh?  This is a simple way to let you know that any future upgrades are free!  It’s a nice way to let you know that you only have to buy it once – not year after year …. after year ….after year.  Ugh.
Features Rule #5 – Go back to Rule #1 again!!!  All of your classified Web settings and options are easy to set up and easier to manage along the way. 

Want MORE??  Okay, how ‘bout these goodies …

Features Google analytics – just paste in your GA code and off you go!  (See who is checking you out …. Or checking out with you!)
Features Ad Visitor Counter -  Want to know how many daily and life-time hits an ad is getting?  The Yoodle has you covered on this one! 
Features New Ad Notification.  You will receive an email whenever a new ad has been added to your site.  And, naturally, you’ll know when payment has been received – it’s all here in one neat package!
Features AdSense Support – Get the additional $$$ of Google AdSense.  Again, it’s easy!  All you do is paste in your AdSense code and it will be on each classified ad. 
Features Custom Fields Needed?  Yes!  If you can customize WordPress, you can take advantage of the same customization with The Yoodle!  Again, easy!
Features Easy To Use Administration Page(s).  You get easier ways to get it done with The Yoodle’s Administration Pages.
Features Navigate with ease!  Just follow the breadcrumbs to see how far you’ve gone through the site.  It’s not only easy to get in, but to get out, too!
Features Searchable with TAGS.  Organizing and searching is simplified with WordPress tagging supported on each classified ad. 
Features Hasta La Bamba!  YES, The Yoodle supports multiple languages.  Using standard WordPress GNU gettext, your classifieds can be in more than one language for localization or simple to spread the word globally.  Just don’t “byte” off more than you can chew --- sorry, had to throw that in.
Features Have a Feedburner URL?   Check out the options page that allows you to add your Feedburner URL instantly! 
Features Our SEO can beat your SEO!  The Yoodle has already added a number of things that help you get better rankings for Search Engine Optimization.  If you told you what we did and where we did it, we’d have to  …. Uh, never mind.  Just watch your site climb the ranks and smile – act casual.  The Yoodle has your back. 
Features Yeah, there’s more… but honestly, haven’t you been reading too long already?  GET THIS BABY AND LET’S GET GOING – NOW!

The Yoodle is constantly working to improve the features we have to offer and to provide upgrades at no additional cost.  We have nothing else to do.  If we weren’t working on this, we’d probably be out getting into trouble.  Since laptops are hard to come by in prison, you can rest assured that we will have the best product we can deliver and it will be improved every chance we get.  WHY?  Because we like what we do and making it easy for you makes us feel like we’re doing a good thing in a complicated world.  So check it out and buy it.  

Feature #13 – It will make you happy.

Your Team,
The Yoodle



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