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About UsIf you don’t know Craigslist internet classifieds by now, you’ve been living in the jungle.  If you’ve dabbled in putting your writing on the web, you know about Wordpress.  Here at The Yoodle, we figured if peas go with carrots,  shoes go with socks, and beer goes with pretzels (our personal favorite!), then why not have classified ads that go with a popular existing writers program in one neat little inexpensive package?  No one shouted “Eureka!”  We looked at each other and it was more like …. “Well --  Duh!!?!?!!!”  And thus began The Yoodle.

Are you just getting started?  Are you a seasoned Intermarket marketing machine?  Either way, you can easily see the benefits of having a powerful classified advertising system mirrored into the simplicity of WordPress.  We mated them beautifully and it does NOT require a technical degree from M.I.T. to make it work.  Our mantra is “Make it simple, keep it easy!” 

Whoops!  Did we mention “Affordable?”  Here’s our theory:  We could price this sky high and wait for one or two goofballs to come along and buy the program – probably using their parents credit card –OR—We could make it as inexpensive as we dared and let a LOT of people get with the program and start making money.  (Psssssst …. We’re not so “goodie-two-shoes,” we just want to be able to make another program for you someday in the future and for you to buy it too!!)  This is economics 101.  In fact, it’s so affordable, you should buy one for your friend.  Okay, that was pushing it a little…

Our work speaks for itself.  We go through great pains to make everything operate exactly as it should.  In the event of a problem, all you need to do is call Matt.  He will help you.  He’s sort of the “Chief Yoodler.”  Actually, he was late for the meeting when we decided who would handle customer service, so he got elected!
We all hope you never have to call him, but you should know that he is there – and he is a real person, not a chain of “preference buttons” or a fake email address to a remote colony of aborigines with laptops.  Matt himself will help you.

Enjoy putting your site together …. And we hope you make the BIG BUCKS!



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