Organic SEO

To Me it is more than just a service

So you have a great looking site and you are truly proud of your end product....but one can find you!!?? That's where SEO comes in, I help you organically (this means no advertisements or banner ads to get people to your site) place your site in the first page of the search engines (google, yahoo and bing) all with a little good old fashion hard work. If you are interested in an affordable SEO campain please feel free to contact me for a FREE no obligation quote (this means no annoying phone calls).

There are many things to consider when launching an effection organic SEO campaign and these are things you should know before you start any campaign.
What is the purpose of my site?
Who is my target audience
What are your current sales and how much do you want to increase that with your campaign?
What keywords do your competition come up for?
What is my budget to spend on a campaign?
Have you tried this before and if so what were the failures?
Are you dedicated to blogging, socializing etc on a daily basis?
Do you have any products to leverage to your cmetomers as a promotion?


If you have answers to these questions, and keep in mind this is about 10% of the questions we will ask you then you should be ready to take an effective approach to your campaign. We are a bit different in our approach as we typically help the cmetomer to achieve the results they are looking for versme doing it all for them (we will do this if you ask me to). This allows the cmetomer to maintain their ranking within the search engines for a longer period of time without depending on me and your wallet to keep up your ranking.

So if you are interested in me helping you achieve your ranking goals please feel free to contact me today.